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Dear user,
welcome to the plant growth infrastructure website of the Institute of Plant Molecular Biology, BC CAS. This web
should provide you with aid to book a facility for your experiments. In order to make your reservation as smooth
and fast as possible, please meet the following instructions.

To choose the facility that fits your experiment design, you should check the section Equipment & Booking.
There you can find all the technical parameters of each facility and book the facility that suits you the most
(primarily check the Occupancy calendar). After clicking on the green button, you need to fill in the reservation
form. Please, write down all your demands in prepared columns. All your answers will be sent to the technician,
who will fill in all the information in the section Occupancy calendar. In the case that two users want to book
the same facility, the date and time of the form answer uploading will decide. You will be informed about the
status of the reservation by email. The greenhouses can be booked only via communication with the technician of
plant growth infrastructure.

The availability of all facilities (except greenhouses) can be checked in the section Occupancy calendar.
Here you will find information about the current user and the duration of the reservation. Other supplementary
details of the reservation may be found in the text. To be able to access this section, you have to be logged
into the Office 365 account. The booking is performed in the section Equipment & Booking. Therefore,
do not try to book the facility in this section.

If you want to check the current occupancy of greenhouses, you may continue with the section Greenhouses
. Greenhouses are not part of the regular booking. If you want to book a greenhouse, please always
contact the technician (Jan Kadlec).

The web of growth facilities also includes the deep freezers overview. It is located in the section Deep freezers

In the section Documents, you can find the supplementary information, which will be continually uploaded
and updated.

The last section Contact contains the contact information of responsible personnel.

Always book the facility via reservation form in the section Equipment & Booking! If another user booked
the facility at the time that you are using the shaker, your samples would be taken away! I am sorry, however,
we have to maintain some standards.

Thank you very much for your attention.

Best regards, Jan Kadlec